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Dissident Island Radio

Oct 12, 2020

- The Class Work Project talking about their explorations of class and experiments with financial redistribution during lockdown (00:01:48 – 00:24:31)


No Boardgames giving their radical take on boardgame culture (00:29:53 – 00:47:45)


ACAB Andy telling us about the white paper on sentencing, NETPOL’s new comms officer, revised sentencing limits for remand and the problem that police are having with people going floppy (00:53:20 – 01:10:23)


– The Anarchist Bookfair in London introduce their online event this year (01:10:57 – 01:22:02)


– Our regular contribution to the Bad News monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian news from around the world (01:27:00 – 01:37:33)


– Playing us out with a bangin’ minimal techno set is Cryptix  (01:37:43 – 02:35:10)


– Tunes throughout are courtesy of Efa Supertramp’s latest opus Apocalipstick Blues