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Dissident Island Radio

May 28, 2010

On this show we heard from two of the occupiers of Middlesex Uni about their campaign to save the philosophy department there as well as more tactical issues surrounding university occupations.

Antonis, from Occupied London, came in to discuss the current unrest in Greece and where he sees the struggle going.

Plucked from the Red n Black club downstairs, Glyn, Kev, and Sean sat down with us to discuss a little bit of the history of the EDL as well as broader strategic issues when it comes to standing up to these slippery ultra-nationalists.

Bryn ended our discussions on a cheery note by letting us know how the Conservative party plans to save the environment (seriously).

As if things couldn’t get any better BPM stepped up to the wheels of steel and rocked our worlds with some grimey dubstep. Nice…