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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 16, 2020


Dissident Island Radio episode 247 is a bumper mashup of black lives matter and mutual aid, tending you with:


– A report back and street sounds from the first weekend of Black Lives Matter demonstrations in London (00:01:35 – 00:12:10)


RaRa sharing mutual support strategies for mental health carers, critiques of psychiatry, the impacts of covid and how we can sustain each other (00:14:34 – 00:45:40)


– Faith from Leabridge Mutual Aid Group discussing practical community support networks taking root under lockdown (00:46:49 – 01:04:04)


– A double dose of legal learnings from ACAB Andy – first with updates on police and court responses to the demos (01:07:52 – 01:21:10) followed by advice on what to expect should you suffer arrest (01:27:14 -01:45:10)


– Sprinkled throughout are spoken word poems and snippets of speech from the Newington Green Black Lives Matter demo held last Saturday, 13th June


– And playing us out is Ronin with a technically filthy set ahead of his new release (01:46:15 – 03:05:45)


Download the full show below

or download the chat show and/or dj set separately here:


For additional resources on collective care check out:
CRADLE Community for resources around care and accountability
Power Makes us Sick zine, ‘physically distant, connected by care: towards collective resilience and strength during the covid-19 pandemic’
PirateCare’s syllabus of resources, inc. content around coronavirus
Queercare : Mental Health Intervention Protocol pocket guide
– Death Cafes gone digital, inc. The Outside Project‘s Virtual Community Center centering LGBTQ+
Misery Party: a mental health collective centering queer/trans/nb BIPOC. The Misery Meets Curriculum has many great links
Healing Justice LDN centers black, brown and indigenous healing. Latest sessions include confronting savior complexes within carework.
– If you’ve any cash to share RaRa recommends Black Minds Matter UK


For more on mutual aid check out:
Transformative justice handbook
Lessons from Covid-19 on transformative justice and mutual aid
Reflections for activists going local for the first time