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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 29, 2020

Dissident Island episode 253, a jolly radio shaped stocking packed full of goodies to finish off 2020. On the show:

– As its the season of giving we chatted with the anarchist defence fund who will soon be 3 yrs old and launched their new website this month (00:01:12 – 00:13:50)


– Kevin from the Network for Police Monitoring discussing the #BlackLivesMatter policing report, giving context and legitimacy to the black-led uprisings which saw especially violent and unlawful policing. There’s also a bit of crystal-ball gazing on the effects of Brexit on street protest and what to prepare for in 2021. (00:19:00 – 00:42:37)


– We speak with No More Exclusions about how school exclusions exacerbate the worst dynamics in society and about their recent legal challenge – together with CARE (the Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators) to the government’s new guidelines limiting the educational materials that teachers can use for PHSE in schools. You can find their crowfunder here and the book referenced in the interview here (00:43:28 – 01:09:10)


ACAB Andy trying to make us cheerful with as much good news from 2020 that he can find! (01:13:40 – 01:21:27)


– Our regular bulletin contribution to Bad News, the monthly digest of anarchist and anti-authoritarian news from around the world. (01:22:02 – 01:25:50)


– Wrapping up the show we’ve got Production Unit, giving us the gift of an eclectic ‘journey by’ dj set covering low-slung beats, techno and other bass music. (01:26:12 – 02:25:14)


We’ll also have tunes sprinkled throughout the show featuring artists supporting the Solidarity Not Silence campaign.