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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 30, 2009

30 August 09 – This is the fourth broadcast radio show, done live and onsite from the Camp for Climate Action UK 2009 – Brought to you by Dissident Island Radio. We’re going out live at 6:30pm on 101.8 FM, so tune in if you’re nearby or at camp!

The show features:
– Danny, with a great bit of poetry;
– Robin, with the latest on the Vestas struggle;
– Natalie on revealing the target of the big swoop;
– Folks from the space in Gillingham, nearby Kingsnorth;
– Martin, from Activist Trauma Support on emotional first aid;
– other bits of audio from around the camp, and some quality tunes recorded off the Inner Terrestrial’s gig at camp…

So download it! Listen to yet another quality show which will give you a real taste of what’s happening on site – keep checking back for more on climate camp 2009…

check ya later…