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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 30, 2009

29 August 09 – This is the third broadcast radio show, done live and
onsite from the Camp for Climate Action UK 2009 – Brought to you by
Dissident Island Radio. We’re going out live at 6:30pm on 101.8 FM, so
tune in if you’re nearby or at camp!

The show features:
– a discussion on nuclear issues and planning direct action;
– the COP15, what it is, why and how people involved in social and
environmental justice issues should get involved in the actions being
organised now;
– several folk from Mainshill Solidarity on why coal is crap;
– live and acoustic, the New Town Kings give us a taste of ska;

So download it! Another kick ass show which will give you a real taste
of what’s happening on site – keep checking back for more on climate
camp 2009…

check ya later…