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Dissident Island Radio

Oct 23, 2017

Dissident Island Radio’s 202nd episode contains the following components:


– Words about freedom of speech and the practice of ‘No Platforming’ in light of recent government proclamations directed at UK universities (00:02:02 – 00:12:54)

– Ahkok Wong talking to us about organising the Hong Kong Black Book Fair, the political climate in Hong Kong and how people in the UK can join in (00:16:10 – 00:33:02)

– The second part of our discussion with the New Internationalist focusing on the day to day operation of the world’s biggest media coop (00:33:38 – 00:44:12)


– The LDMG‘s Andy live in the studio with another dose of legal juice, this time looking into the possible demise of necessity defences (00:48:00 – 01:00:26)

– Announcements of activities coming up in the next few weeks as well as info on the bookfair afterparty (01:04:17 – 01:08:35)

– Tunes throughout from Sole and a set from Neilbuzz presenting a mix of bass music in the 160 – 175bpm range, play it loud! (01:08:35 – 01:55:21)