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Dissident Island Radio

Jul 23, 2019

Episode 236 saw Dissident Island turn 12 years old and joining us on the show to mark the occasion we had:

– Participants in the Green Anticapitalist Front discussing the group’s radical alternative to Extinction Rebellion (00:01:15-00:12:56)

– Agit-prop hip hop artiste Lil Guillotine sharing tunes and chatting with us about anarchist organising across the pond (00:16:16-00:38:20)

ACAB Andy with info on the GBC “Pause”, updates on recent court action and wise words on how to prevent pesky fines (00:39:37-00:51:21)

– A happy camper from Earth First! telling us about their upcoming summer gathering and giving thoughts on organising in the era of Extinction Rebellion (00:52:07-01:05:46)

– A smattering of announcements (01:05:46-01:09:06)

– DJ Little Guillotine with a tasty haul of fresh hip hop beats to wrap things up (01:09:06-01:56:12)


Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here: