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Dissident Island Radio

Feb 22, 2016

On this weeks show:

-Members of London’s long standing Feminist Library collective inform us about the project and the latest goings on with the space ( 0 – 29:11)

-Efa supertramp gives us a heads up on the arms fair taking place in Cardiff in March and the mobilisations around it (32:50 – 43:15)

-Legal Defence Monitoring Group and Green and Black Cross explain the lo-down on some of the latest changes in UK legislation affecting activists (32:50 – 43:15)

-An exclusive play of a track from the new album by 52 Commercial Road (53:40 – 59:30)

-Alberto Duman tells us about an upcoming compilation featuring tracks from Newham’s ‘Arc of Oppurtunity’ entitled ‘Music for Masterplanning’-

-The latest word from the street in the form of our announcements section

-A set of finest dubstep from Dissident Island’s Squeaky Grinder