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Dissident Island Radio

Mar 21, 2016

Dissident Island Radio episode 171, a wonderfully animated show, features:

– An audio montage from last weekend’s Kill the Housing Bill – secure homes for all demo (00:01:59)

– The LDMG’s Andy and Ayla giving us a briefing on Offences Against the Person (00:15:36)

– Voices from Another Europe Is Possible discussing the upcoming EU referendum (00:30:38)

– A live HOT TOPIC discussion about participating in the EU referendum as libertarian socialist anarchist types (0:40:31)

– The Bong, back again with all the latest weed news (00:52:27)

– An interview with Czech comrades about Operation Fenix (kindly provided by our friends at The Final Straw) (01:04:59)

– Announcements and prisoner of the month info (01:28:18)

– DJ Jono Bell with some deep house from the wheels of steel (01:36:45)

And tracks from Bear Makes Ninja and QELD’s newly released albums.