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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 22, 2015

Presenting episode 166, the last Dissident Island Radio of the year, with lots of treats for all the grrls n boys out there in radio land including:

– Shaun from Reel News fresh back from the Paris COP to give us the low down on the so called agreement and the week of counter-organising (00:01:25)

– An update from the ZAD (Notre Dame des Landes) about France’s “state of emergency” (00:26:09)

– Members of London housing coops talking about the pretty dramatic Housing and Planning Bill – the government’s newest toy in its social cleansing toolkit (00:38:38)

– Another Dissident-i-rant, this one called “plugging: the art of shoving drugs up your arse for shits and giggles” (01:06:20)

– Prisoner info and a healthy dose of announcements for upcoming and ongoing fun & games (01:15:23)

– Squeaky Grinder with an end of year special DJ appearance beamed directly from Ireland (01:20:05)