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Dissident Island Radio

Aug 19, 2018

Dissident Island Radio episode 219 presents an education special to get us all ready for back to school season! On the curriculum:

– Professor G with an insider view of the education system, why it’s f*cked and why he hangs on in there (00:01:41 – 00:17:48)

– Ex school governor Kevin White discussing struggles against academisation in Newham (00:23:34 – 00:41:35)

– Hot topic debate between Pinda and Professor G on anarchism and state education (00:45:43 – 01:00:32)

– ACAB Andy on ‘truancy’ law and how not to celebrate your A Level results (01:00:52 – 01:08:42)

– Announcements of upcoming afterschool activites to keep your minds sharp (01:11:22 – 01:19:35)

– Smog on the decks with a lesson in breakbeat acidcore for all you nerds (01:20:19 – 02:20:04)


Download the full show below, or you can download the show and dj set separately from:


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