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Dissident Island Radio

Mar 20, 2018

Dissident Island Radio episode 210 brings revolutionary rumblings including:

– A UCU – University and College Union member and striking staff member discussing the ongoing industrial action across UK universities (00:01:36 – 00:16:48)

– The LDMG with legal info on pickets, spitting and railway invasions (00:20:24 – 00:32:23)

– Clips from an infotalk on the 6-year old Hambacher Forest Occupation against RWE’s mining of lignite in Germany (00:37:14 – 00:58:51)

– Announcements for upcoming actions and gatherings around the UK (00:59:05 – 01:03:58)

– An update from inside Afrin recorded days before the Turkish/Jihadist takeover of the city (01:09:25 – 01:29:54)

– DJ B52 playing us out with some tasty drum ‘n’ bass (01:34:16 – 02:39:01)

Plus tracks by Kincee Baby Face Pearlis and Portico Quartet