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Dissident Island Radio

Feb 22, 2018

For your listening pleasure Dissident Island Radio episode 208 offers up the following delights:

– Docs not cops on fighting against borders in the NHS (00:01:24 – 00:14:00)

– A member of the Save Walthamstow’s Town Centre campaign discussing yet another London landgrab and the growing grassroots campaign against it (00:17:45 – 00:31:10)

– LDMG’s Andy on fighters returning from Rojava facing terrorism charges, updates from the Hyde Park and DSEI trials as well as the low down on dogs in courts (00:34:12 – 00:43:10)

– A montage of audio to celebrate thoughts and works left to us by Ursula Le Guin (00:45:57 – 00:55:08)

– Announcements of upcoming escapades, followed by our second installment of Bird News (00:58:36 – 01:04:00)

– DJ Droid with an update on pipeline protests in the US and a melange of First Nations tunes related to struggles for land and culture (01:04:00 – 02:08:55)