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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio - 16 August 2013 - Episode 124

Aug 17, 2013

Dissident Island Radio – 16 August 2013 – episode 124 – on tonight’s show:

* the SOSResistance campaign ( / @sosresistance) discussing the Southbank Skatepark, one of the world’s skater-culture head quarters, and how the South Bank Centre are using every nasty tool possible to wipe it out and replace it with coffeeshops and retail units

* London Anti-fascists ( / @THstopEDL) on organising disruptions to the EDL’s planned march through Tower Hamlets on September 7th

* Reclaim the Power / No Dash For Gas ( / @nodashforgas) – live from the first day of the protest camp in Balcombe we’ll track down an assortment of those crusty hippie types who are planning to make a fuss about something called “fracking”

Plus: Announcements, banter, ambient noise from the Red and Black club and DJ Buster ( / @akadjBuster ) finishes it all off with what will definitely be choice set of bassy goodness.