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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio - 15 March 2013 - Episode 115

Mar 15, 2013

Dissident Island Radio – Iraq War Panel Discussion – Friday 15 March 2013:

10 years after the start of one of the most contested wars in modern history, dissident island radio assembles a panel of seasoned anti-war activists who have been active in opposing the Iraq war.

Joining us for the evening:

MILAN RAI, author of War Plan Iraq and Regime Unchanged, breaker of sanctions on Iraq (three pre-2003 delegations to Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness UK), organiser of direct action against the Iraq War, imprisoned for two weeks for refusing to pay a fine for a spraypaint protest against the 2004 assault on Fallujah, now a co-editor of Peace News, just returned from peace delegation to Iran.

CIARON O’REILLY is a long term member of the christian anarchist Catholic Worker movement. He is presently based at Giuseppe Conlon House Harringay that offers shelter to destitute refugees. His recent activism has centred around solidarity with Bradley Manning and Julian Assange presently pursued by the U.S. government for exposing the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Ciaron served 13 months in U.S. prisons for the ANZUS Plowshares disabling of a B52 on the eve of the 1991 Gulf War. In the late ’90’s he served 5 months jail in Darwin/ Australia for disabling mining equipment at the Jabulika uranium mine site. He was acquitted along with the Pitstop Plougshares of the 2003 $U.S. 2.5 million damage of a U.S. warplane en route to the invasion of Iraq at Shannon Airport/ Ireland. Recent Vice Magazine interview with Ciaron:

JIM BRAND, a member of the Steering Commitee of the Stop the War Coalition. (Bio to be updated soon)