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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 21, 2018

Dissident Island Radio episode 215 featuring summer sizzlers such as:


– A member of NELS – North East London Hunt Saboteurs in to talk with us about the joys of sabbing and the battle for animal rights in our countryside (00:01:59 – 00:16:59)


– After the state’s embrace of plans for Heathrow airport’s long awaited 3rd runway we speak with an activist from Vote No Heathrow gearing up to fight once more (00:21:15-00:39:36)


- With Pride month upon us we catch up with Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants to discuss their work resisting pinkwashing and extending solidarity to oppressed communities. (00:42:27-00:57:53)


- Squeaky Grinder on the wheels of steel with tasty tunes for all the family (01:10:49-02:09:04)


– Plus announcements, tunes and jingles aplenty.


Our new upload format (currently experimental) means you can now choose to download the interviews and discussions (‘chat’) and/or the DJ set (‘dj-set’) separately, or download the whole show (‘show’).


Separate downloads are available from the episode’s archive page.