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Dissident Island Radio

Feb 20, 2019


Valentines special featuring disruptive delights from:


– A chat with Glasgow Autonomous Bookfair being hosted at Glasgow Autonomous Space (00:01:55 – 00:10:00)

ACAB Andy reflecting on the Stansted 15 sentences and giving the lowdown on newly enacted terrorism legislation (00:12:30 – 00:24:20)

– Words from Nikita Woolfe and Andy Worthington on their documentary Concrete Soldiers about resistance to estate ‘regeneration’ and the new Inspire2Resist handbook (00:27:30 – 00:46:00)

– Announcements and some words about the Valentines Day Massacre from Professor G (00:48:25 – 00:56:00)

– Discussing the geopolitics of Rojava and leadership within the Kurdish struggle with a comrade participating in the annual ‘Long March‘ in solidarity with Abdullah Ocalan (00:56:20 – 01:25:00)

– Tunes courtesy of our comrade in the US Lil Guillotine

– Playing out with Part 2 of 3 of DJ Salamander’s Afrivision set featuring tracks from across the African continent (01:25:15 – 02:19:20)


Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here:
DJ Set: