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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 7, 2015

Dissident Island Radio episode 157, a climate special! Download or stream to hear:

– No Dash for Gas / Reclaim the Power action camp report with a discussion about the fight to stop fossil fuel expansion across the UK from a camp participant. (00:05:00)

– Words about the Climate Games in the Netherlands – a new form of protest designed to combine the best aspects of autonomous affinity groups with those of organised mass actions to attack the industries poisoning our atmosphere. (00:27:48)

– A rundown on some of the ‘think tanks’ emitting hot air into the discourse around climate change and sustainability. (00:40:24)

– Clips from the climate hackathon taking place in london this week in preparation for HackCop21, the demonstrations that will take place around the COP21 climate summit in Paris later this year. (01:00:54)

– The Flying Frisbees on dj duty brining us some happy beats. (01:23:16)

All that plus a sprinkling of announcements and tunes as well as the sounds of a gig upstairs (sorry about that!).