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Dissident Island Radio

May 4, 2012

On episode 103 of Dissident Island Radio features:

– Our friend Carl live in the studio giving an insider’s perspective on prisoner solidarity. He gives some nice ideas on how to offer support and what to say in those all important letters.

– People from SQUASH and the ASS talking about the future of squatting in England and Wales post Clause 145, and what’s going to change once the ban comes into effect.

– Participants from this weekend’s Hacktionlab telling us about their latest tech/activist projects and how people can get involved.

– An update from campaigners opposing the appropriation of Leyton Marsh for the London Olympics.

– All the other good stuff: Music, banter, announcements, yada yada…

– DJ Phuq playing a selection of new and yet to be released badsekta tunes