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Dissident Island Radio

Apr 6, 2015

Dissident Island Radio hits the airwaves once again with a jam-packed show featuring the likes of:

- Members of Beyond UKIP talking bonnet surfing in Kent and the tricky business of dealing with the far right, cabaret syle! (00:05:10)

- Andy from the Legal Defence & Monitoring Group in to talk about the latest inquiries into undercover policing and surveillance (00:23:53)

- Rick from Kick Nuclear London giving us an update on the slow-motion disaster at Fukushima (00:41:46)

- Part 2 of our Hacktivist talk given by Gabriella Coleman and Cory Doctrow sepaking about experiences from the Anonymous collective (01:03:55)

- [-r] / Recursive playing us out with some banging breakcore beats (01:30:12)

All that plus some tasty tunes and a sprinkling of announcements. Check it!