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Dissident Island Radio

Jun 5, 2018

Dissident Island Radio episode 214 features nefarious knowledge from:

Antiuniversity Now talking about Antiuniversity 2018 and why it could be their last (00:01:45 – 00:14:50)

– Two activists focussing on Colombia with an update on the nascent peace process and the power vacuum left in the wake of the FARC (00:18:30 – 00:33:45)

– Contributors to Base publication discussing the history of the Black Panthers with sociologist Joshua Bloom (00:37:10 – 00:55:15)

– The LDMG‘s Andy with words on offences against the administration of justice (aka contempt of court) (00:55:40 – 01:05:32)

– Members of the Workers Solidarity Movement reflecting on victory in the Irish abortion referendum (01:06:00 – 01:19:45)

– Announcements and shoutouts for gatherings round the UK over the coming weeks (01:23:00 – 01:28:30)

MONAD making noises of varying descriptions until very late (01:28:30 – 02:38:16)