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Dissident Island Radio

Feb 3, 2019

Dissident Island Radio episode 227 features:


- A chat with Kate on the interminable cover-up that is the Undercover Policing #spycops (aka ‘Mitting’) Inquiry: originally due end in summer 2018, the ending was revised to the “ambitious” target of early 2024, we hear about the obstacles and absurdities being presented so far. (00:01:27 – 00:20:19)


- ACAB Andy with court updates, views on the Stansted 15 case, and a chat with comrade Dan on his experiences of the legal justice system after being (quite literally) bollocksed and then falsely accused by some especially nasty pigs [spoiler alert: happy ending] (00:25:24 – 00:35:29)

- Mark Malone discussing the far-right in Ireland and recent attacks on direct provision housing for asylum seekers (00:36:16 – 00:52:26)

- Bad News, a UK radical news round-up of the month just past  (00:59:51 – 01:06:54)


- Also on the show: two thought-provoking spoken word pieces from the show ‘Dead White Anarchists’ by Paul Case (00:20:19 – 00:25:26) and (00:52:26 – 00:58:22)


- And to finish: a very special set by Salamander DJs – ‘Afrivision 2019′ (part 1 of 3) – featuring a bangin’ track from every African nation!


Download the full show below, or you can download just the chat show and/or dj set separately here:
DJ Set: