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Dissident Island Radio

Dec 23, 2022

Attempting to mark 15 years of radical radio, the Dissident Island posse put together our 265th episode which also brings 2022 to a close. In store for you here:

- Ruth from Green & Black Cross / ACAB discussing the reality of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act (of #killthebill fame) taking us through different part of the statute from the not so bad to the pretty terrifying

- A member of the submedia collective talking with us about the Fediverse, Mastadon and providing grassroots alternatives to corporate social media platforms

- ACAB Andy with an end of year report on another blow to the right to protest in the Supreme Court, as well as trials and tribulations of protesters in the lower courts

- A live dj set from the one and only Delsa to finish off the show in style!

Plus tunes from Hunting Hearts and Bartees Strange